Immersive Series 14×50

* For zero recoiling rifles only.

Traditional riflescopes have their place in the optics world, but new technology is allowing us to push the envelope of what is possible. The Immersive Series brings you range of ultra-compact Prismatic Riflescopes with many unique properties, including market-leading field of view, drawing you in to your surroundings for a better perspective. Unlike conventional scopes, which present the image from the eyepiece as floating distantly in front of you, the image from an Immersive Series scope allows for vastly improved peripheral awareness, giving the impression that you are immersed in the scene – and with the optical clarity of ED Glass, there are no compromises.

The 10×40 and 14×50 models feature a short eye relief, allowing for an incredible field of view of up to 4x a traditional riflescope at the same magnification.

Category: Riflescopes


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